Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Armstrong Racing Yaris is featured on The Smoking Tire

Tom's 1.8-liter swapped Yaris has appeared on The Smoking Tire's One Take segment with Matt Farah behind the wheel. Additionally, the car and video appeared on Road and Track.

Matt pilots the Corolla-swapped sedan through some canyons in California and seems to really dig the car. (Tom said Matt legitimately enjoyed the car, and I'd believe it.) Tom's swapped Yaris looks like it rips, even with the automatic.

The Yaris is a capable platform, and always has been. However, there haven't been that many people in the U.S. that take advantage of it. (I love mine.) There are parts out there for them, and it doesn't take much to turn the little economy car into a subcompact sleeper.

Swapped Toyota Yaris with Subcompact Culture decal


Unknown said...

Yeah, this was an awesome example of what one can do with a subcompact. With how light the Yaris is, the torque of the 1.8L really has to feel great. Would hate to race that man at an autox!

Anonymous said...

Been loving this build and kept up with it on yarisworld. One day I'll hopefully have my iQ up to 139whp with a Power Enterprise kit like Daniel Reyes on the iQ forums.