Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Custom Winch Fairlead and a Cool App from Custom Splice

Custom winch fairlead from Custom Splice

The Teal Terror, aka Project 1995 Suzuki Sidekick, has had a Warn winch for years. However, I recently got a custom fairlead made for it from Custom Splice. How cool is this?

If you're not familiar, a fairlead helps guide the winch rope back onto a winch's drum when spooling in and protects the rope from being damaged by the opening in the bumper. It is a necessary component to any winch. The kind I got is called a hawse style (vs. a roller style, which has, well, rollers instead of the smooth opening of a hawe).

Custom Splice has several aluminum winch fairleads to choose from including billet, double-radius, offset, short drum, and rock crawler varieties. In addition, you can get them customized like I did. As you can see, mine sports "TEAL TERROR" on it—so cool!

Custom Splice also offers a number of winch rope upgrade options for truck and powersports winches, recovery straps, rigging equipment, winches, and a host of other recovery accessories.

One of the company's newest forays into recovery is its Recovery Estimator. Downloadable through Google Play or the iTunes store, this app allows you to enter in specific vehicles (showing their weight), the surface you intend to pull on (gravel, snow, mud, etc.), how deep the vehicle is buried (axles, top of tires, hood), and any incline. It then calculates the approximate load.

Custom Splice Recovery App

This can be useful when you're not sure if the load you're going to pull is over your winch's capacity, or whether you'll need to use a pulley/snatch block to aid in recovery. In addition, there's a helpful conversion chart with winch models, rope lengths, and conversions to different rope sizes, if you were to move up (or down) in rope size.

Custom Splice Recovery App info chart

This can be a handy app to have when out in the field if you were to get stuck or if you were to need to recovery another vehicle. And since it doesn't require internet to use, it works even when you're way out in the middle of nowhere.

Cool products, cool app. Be sure to check out Custom Splice.

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Unknown said...

I know a number of customers who might find this app quite useful in their daily work. Helps if you're travelling with buddies and don't want to wait for roadside recovery anyway! Haha!