Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deep Discounts Still Around on 2014 Models

Call it the thrill of the hunt. Every January, I love to go onto sites, such as,, or Craigslist and look at the leftover vehicles from the previous model year. Currently, there are leftover 2014 Chevy Sparks and Sonics; Scion iQs, Toyota Yaris models, Mazda2s, and a smattering of other still-new '14 models, many of which are priced at a hell of a discount. At least, they look like a discount at first. One of the cars, a Chevrolet Spark LS claimed to have an MSRP of over $18,815 but marked down to $13,000. Sorry: There's no way a Spark LS has an MSRP of $18,815. Maybe $15,000, but not much more. Plus, some of the discounts require you to own a competing vehicle, be a member of the military, or be a pregnant mother with citizenship in Kazakhstan (OK, not really that last one). So in some cases, the deals aren't as good as they seem, so don't get too excited until you read the fine print. But there are some legitimate deals out there; it's almost enough to make you want to buy a new car, even though you don't need one. Such is the affliction with cars. Sigh.

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