Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Subcompact Culture's 12 Days of Christmas

During our annual trip to the Oregon Coast (a pre-Christmas tradition), we noticed things in numbers. They materialized into our version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Here goes:

Curvy Road Sign
12 Curvy Road Signs (there were probably more)

11 Canadian Geese (I swear there are 11 of them here)

Drinks at Pelican Brewing
10 Posts O' Drinks (taken at Pelican Brewery in Pacific City)

Surfers at Pacific City, Oregon
9 Surfers Surfing (at Pacific City Oregon. There must've been nine ...)

Anam Cara Chardonnay
8 Wines A Tasted (we tasted them at Anam Cara Cellars in Newberg, Oregon)

A hawk

7 Stoic Hawks Perched (and they looked JUST like this)

Seagull at the Oregon Coast
6 Seagulls Sailing (he and five of his friends were all flying. I know it.)

Waterfall in Oregon
5 Waterfalls Falling (we saw five of them; none were this grand, however)

One Lane Bridge Sign
4 One-Lane Bridges (a lot of them on the way to the Oregon Coast)

Orange Dodge Dart
3 Orange Dodge Darts (yes, we saw three while driving)

Beer at Pelican Brewery in Pacific City, Oregon
2 Beers A Had (both at Pelican Brewery)

Andy, Mercedes, and The Teal Terror
1 Lovely Day at the Oregon Coast (it truly was!)

Happy Holidays from Andy, Mercedes, and The Teal Terror!

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