Thursday, April 24, 2014

Refreshed Toyota Yaris Pictures and Video

Yellow Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Yaris is getting refreshed in many parts of the world (North America is not one of those places). Most of the refresh is minor, except for that big front grille. The bold, bumper is definitely a "look," and does follow along with similar design characteristics found on some higher-end vehicles found in the Lexus family, and even the next Camry refresh.

Blue Toyota Vitz driving

The appearance is certainly bold, and I can't help but picture animals, such as as large-mouth bass or even a whale with its baleen-filled mouth. Maybe it'll grow on me. Maybe not. Regardless, we won't have to worry about it much here in the States, as we'll have a Mazda-built Yaris replacement here in the next couple of years.

Orange Toyota Vitz

There will also be some changes in interior fabrics. Hopefully buyers won't be able to buy the pink interior with the burnt-orange paint. Hideous.

Ugly Vitz interior

In the meantime, here's the new Vitz (aka Yaris) promo.

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murphyseanm said...

First off I hope the redesigned looks come with a redesigned engine because Toyota leaning on 20 year old designs with VVT and different pistons is just not going to cut it anymore.

Second I love burnt orange with pink interior, I would totally buy it.