Friday, November 15, 2013

The Small Cars from the 2013 SEMA Show

3D Cabon Ford Fiesta
3D Carbon kitted Ford Fiesta on 19s.
The 2013 SEMA Show is the big dance for the automotive aftermarket. There's a little bit of everything from huge trucks to minibikes. I snapped some photos of the compact/subcompact/micro vehicles at the show. Enjoy!

Hankook Honda Civic Si
Hankook Honda Civic Si

Club Sport Mazda3
Club Sport Mazda3 Concept from the Mazda Booth: LSD, different gears, and CUSCO coilovers.

Blood and Grease Ford Transit Connect
"Blood and Grease" Ford Transit Connect from the Ford booth

DTM inspired BMW 3 Series from SEMA 2013
Classic BMW 3 Series with some modern flair

Slammed brown Scion xB
Super clean Scion xB

CGS Ford Transit Connect
CGS Ford Transit Connect

Cobb Tuning Ford Fiesta ST
The Cobb Tuning Ford Fiesta ST: 3" exhaust, intake, digital camo finish, and Kicker audio. Meant to raise awareness of the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Transformers Chevrolet Sonic RS
Transformers Chevy Sonic RS

Fiat 500L Thalassa
Fiat 500L Thalassa: Lowered on 18" wheels, and custom orange paint. Love it. 

Ford Fiesta Raly Car form the 2013 SEMA Show
Ford Fiesta Rally Car

Ford Focus Sedan SEMA 2013
Tricked-out Ford Focus sedan

Kia Music Memorabilia Soul
2014 "Music Memorabilia" Kia Soul on 20" HRE wheels.

Bright Fiat 500 from the 2013 SEMA Show
Very bright Fiat 500

MRT Ford Fiesta
2014 Ford Fiesta by MRT. Eco-Flow exhaust, Cobb Tuning goodies, and more. 

Custom Hyundai Veloster Turbo
A very sea-foamy green Hyundai Veloster with tons of mods. 

Ford Focus ST in Gulf Livery
Ford Focus ST in Gulf livery. It's got 19s, a widebody kit, PIAA lights, and 252 horsepower. 

Small hot rod
Vintage + small = great

Fiat 500L Adventurer
Lifted Fiat 500L Adventurer looks pretty darn good. It's still 2WD but it gives the 500L a great look.

STR Mazda Miata Drifter
Drift Mazda Miata in the STR Wheel booth

Morris Minor Traveler
Morris Minor Traveler from the Mothers booth.

Toyota Corolla on Rotas
A very orange Toyota Corolla in the Rota Wheel booth

Ice Nine Ford Fiesta
Ice Nine Ford Fiesta ST in the Ford booth

Red Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S from the 2013 SEMA Show
Slammed Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S

Yellow Hyundai Veloster Turbo
Hylighter Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Clean Scion FR-S from SEMA
Very cleanly built Scion FR-S

Slammed black Prius
One slammed and clean Prius.

Lowered Nissan Quest on air bags
It's a bit bigger, but this Nissan Quest, with JDM Elgrand conversion, looked great. Hey, it's a "mini" van, right?

Sweet Chevrolet Sonic RS
Love the  Import Tuner Chevy Sonic RS. 

Tricked-out Smart ForTwo from SEMA
The only Smart ForTwo I saw this year is pretty bad ass. 

Slammed white Prius from 2013 SEMA Show
Another very clean Prius.

Widebody Fiat 500
Fiat 500 from the Toyo Tires booth

Retro Mazda Miata
Very reto Mazda Miata from the XXR Wheels booth

Chevrolet Sonic RS Import Tuner
The Volk TE-37 wheels look mean on this Chevy Sonic.

Super Clean Fiesta ST
Love this ultra-clean Fiesta ST

The 2014 Kia "Amped" Soul on 22" wheels/tires.
The 2014 Kia "Amped" Soul on 22" wheels/tires.

Yellow Chevrolet Sonic
A very bright Sonic Performance Concept from the GM booth. 

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