Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013 subcompact sales

Subcompact Car Sales
September proved to be pretty slow in the subcompact sales realm. However, there were a few big improvements over September of 2012. The not-long-for-this-earth MINI Coupe spiked up 258.%, the Mazda2 had a 153.4% jump, and the Toyota experiences its second month in a row of much-improved sales numbers. The also not-long-for-this-earth MINI Roadster had an impressive 87.1% bump, too.

The Biggest loser, however, unsurprisingly, was Scions iQ, which was down 58% compared to last year. It is also down more than 50% year to date.
Also in the slow-selling category is, surprisingly, Fiat's 500. Back to the not-surprising category, the Nissan Cube is also down .

Nissan's Versa is coming out to be the best-selling small car on this chart, followed closely by Kia's Soul. In a relitavely distant third place is Chevrolet's Sonic.

Make/ModelSept. '13 vs. '12Units Sept. '13YTD '13 vs. '12YTD
MINI Coupe
Toyota yaris120.5%2465-19.2%19254
MINI Roadster87.1%36351.5%2418
MINI cooper/S Convertible58.8%486-3.4%3663
Ford Fiesta28.5%504232.5%57618
Hyundai Accent15.9%4999-12.3%45112
Nissan Versa9.5%87767.0%91535
Chevrolet Spark5.9%2355348.7%28324
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop-0.4%1789-3.7%20553
Chevrolet Sonic-2.5%73357.6%69649
Nissan Juke-13.2%27740.8%28307
Honda Fit-14.6%39816.3%41021
Kia Rio-15.0%29651.3%33238
MINI Cooper/S Clubman-18.9%338-17.7%3499
Mazda MX-5 Miata-20.8%400-5.7%4790
Honda CR-Z-21.2%264-30.3%3519
Kia Soul-21.7%7416-2.9%90624
Hyundai Veloster-24.9%3020-17.9%23273
Scion xD-25.4%703-17.4%6960
Smart ForTwo-39.3%625-5.1%6937
MINI Countryman-40.5%11911.6%15596
Nissan Cube-45.0%283-23.9%4422
Fiat 500-49.0%2126-11.0%28994
Scion iQ-58.0%287-51.0%3365
Buick Encorena3206na22930
Fiat 500Lna1031na3748
MINI Pacemanna479na1665

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