Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Toyota Yaris Trend Ad From the UK

From time to time I search Twitter for various small car things; words and phrases such as Honda Fit, Chevrolet Soinc, and "subcompact cars." During a search for "Toyota Yaris," which annoyingly always brings up Yaris Sanchez (Google it, but maybe not at work), I found a whole ton of people, mainly in the UK, complaining about the new Toyota Yaris "advert." Hmm ... why all the fuss?

After a dozen or so tweets, I found a link to the video above for the new Yaris Trend, a special package that consists of LED taillights, chrome-covered side mirrors, a blacked-out rear pillar, and custom wheels among other things. The ad wasn't so bad to me. However, apparently the talking city objects have appeared in a previous "Silence In the City" ad campaigns for Toyota. Maybe it'd be funnier if I had seen that in the past.

The ad isn't bad, however. I'd love to see any ad for a Yaris here in the states.

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