Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our WRX in winter mode with Raceline wheels

I've posted a pic of our WRX when we first got it. However, here's a pic of our WRX in winter mode. Basically, all that means is it's on 16" Raceline 126 wheels with 205/60/16 studded Dean Wintercat tires (Dean tires are made by Cooper). I really like the wheels, a lot; subtle and classy. The tires, are a bit mushy, but they're narrow winter tires, right? In about two weeks, they'll be back on the 235/45/17 Dunlop rubber that came on the car.

FYI, we also installed the rear black bumper cover to protect the paint from damage loading and unloading the vehicle. We also added the much-needed Subcompact Culture sticker.

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Dextervw said...

now we need video of awd donuts and a muddy wrx... maybe both at the same time!!