Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One Motorcycle Show

By Scott Araujo

For the last four years, Portland, OR has held The One Motorcycle Show. This is the most unique motorcycle show I've ever attended. I've been to it for three years now and it gets better every year.  There is no "theme," there are no rules, there is absolutely no pretense. It's a show by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. From The One Motorcycle Show site:

The One Motorcycle Show was born from the idea that every bike was built, restored, or preserved for a reason. The One Motorcycle Show is not about rules or pre-conceived notions because their is no right or wrong way to build a bike. It’s about motorcycles with a purpose and a story. It’s the opportunity to get rare, weird, old, new, and all around amazing bikes together in one spot. It’s one-off concepts, and pristine-better- than-showroom classics. It’s the old and new generations getting together to celebrate the One motorcycle. We’re a community on the search for the ultimate truth of mechanism and it’s essential one-ness.

You will see bikes of all makes and from every category you can think of, and some you've never thought of.  There are amazing bikes to see, motorcycle art of all types, and food and drink from local places. Concours-ready restorations sit next to daily driver rat bikes, and an over the top show bike is one slot over.  Mirror chrome right next to rust and patina, sometimes on the same bike. Admission is free. 

I love this show because it's not cookie cutter.  There's generally a loose organization to the floorplan.  The show is all about getting together with other riders to appreciate bikes and the builders who create them.

If you're ever in Portland, OR when this show is on you should stop in.  If you're anywhere close it's worth the trip. Here is just some of what was at the show.

Cool bike with Yamaha RZ350 front suspension
 A wickedly cool prototype single sided leading arm front suspension on this Yamaha RZ350.

Very small six-cylinder motorcycle engine
The tiniest little six cylinder moto engine you've ever seen.  That's a mini fridge in the background for scale.

1938 Zundapp K800
1938 Zundapp K800

Stretched Honda 90
Custom stretched Honda 90.
A Buell engined super moto from TPJ Customs.
A Buell engined super moto from TPJ Customs.  This bike is a very clean machine in a very tight little package.
Two vintage BMW motorcycles
Two beautiful vintage BMWs.

BSA motorcycle
Super clean BSA.
Minimalist Honda cafe racer
Clean and minimal Honda cafe racer.
Dirty Ducati cafe racer
Beautifully dirty Ducati single cafe racer.
Cool bike with American V-Twin engine
This has got to be the coolest bike I've ever seen with an American V-twin.
Old-school chopper
Old school chopper.
Bobber with Yamaha twin motor
New school bobber with a Yamaha twin motor.
Unique custom motorcycle
The tank and angles on this bike were really original.
Yamaha chopper with baloon tires
Old school chopper with balloon tires.
old and new school Honda
I love the mix of old and new school on this Honda.
Cafe racer
Super clean cafe bike.
And another.
Motorcycle with pressed steel frame
I love that this bike has a pressed steel frame...
Helmet visor on motorcycle
and an old school helmet bubble repurposed as a fly screen.
hand-built tank on a motorcycle
Great hand built, square edged tank.
Vintage motorcycle
Old dirty bike with a gleaming tank.

Honda Cafe racers
A whole row of clean Honda cafe bikes.
Honda 125 with a NOS tank
Honda 125 with a NOS tank up front.
Moto Parilla
Streamlined dream.
BMW Mondial
An old Mondial.

Klaussman scooter
This is a Klaussman "scooter", it's bigger than a refrigerator.
Klaussman scooter exhaust
The tail light and pipe are a design study all on their own.

1966 Royal Enfield Interceptor
1966 Royal Enfield Interceptor.  Yeah, it's a blurry pic but I've got a soft spot for Enfields.

Ariel Square Four
A beautiful Ariel Square Four.
Ariel motorcycle
Another gorgeous vintage Ariel with a girder front end.
Dark, clean street fighter.

vintage Kawasaki
A whole row of gleaming, vintage Kawasaki triples.

Italian scooter
Classic Italian machines.
MotoCzysz motor
Micael Czysz is a local hero and this is the prototype Moto GP 990 motor he designed and built.  It has two counter rotating crankshafts to eliminate the gyroscopic forces created by the motor and allow the bike to handle better.  It makes around 200hp and is only 6" wide.  This is the first time this cutaway model has been displayed outside the MotoCzysz shop.
MotoCzysz motor
The MotoCzysz motor from the front.
MotoCzysz motor
The fully assembled MotoCzysz motor.
V8 motorcycle
Very clean Virago cafe bike
Very clean Virago cafe bike.
And another.
Custom motorcycle with amazing metalwork
The metal work on this bike just defies description.
Really clean Honda cafe in black and white
Really clean Honda cafe in black and white.
Another clean Honda cafe with balloon tires
Another clean Honda cafe with balloon tires.
aluminum frame with the vintage tank and "custom" seat upholstery
I love the juxtaposition of the modern aluminum frame with the vintage tank and "custom" seat upholstery.  Those are original Oakley B-1B BMX grips for anyone keeping track.
Classic BSAs
Classic BSAs.
Custom helmets.
cedar shingled motorcycle helmet
I love this cedar shingled one.

Classic Triumphs.
Classic Triumphs.
Custom Yamaha motorcycle
The show even spilled over into the parking lot.  This is a show bike but it's amazing to see some of the bikes that people ride to the show.
Great flat black Piaggio scooter.
Great flat black Piaggio scooter.
Clean Honda street bike.
Clean Honda street bike.
Seriously raked chopper.
Seriously raked chopper.

1972 Moto Guzzi California 850.
1972 Moto Guzzi California 850.
Harley Davidson Servicar.
Harley Davidson Servicar.

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