Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Installed: Rally Armor mud flaps

Rally Armor mud flaps on a Subaru WRX
We've had our 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX for a week now and have just over 400 miles on it. However, the first thing we purchased for the car was a set of Rally Armor mud flaps. We're not new to Rally Armor's stuff, though. This is actually the third set we've bought. We had a set on our Suzuki SX4 and had a set on our Subaru Forester, too. They're very high quality, fit great, and tough as nails. In fact, the WRX flaps came with their own metal brackets, as well as the usual included stainless steel and plastic hardware.

The installation is straight-forward, but be careful to pay close attention to the directions, as you need to make sure the right screws go into the right locations, and the screws are similar looking. This installation also required me to pull part of the fender trim and side skirts. FYI, I was able to find a really good video on YouTube for installing the flaps, which helped a lot. By the way, you may not have to remove the rear wheels for many of these installs, it helps a lot to access the screws on most (at least the three I've done). Save yourself some time up front, and just remove the wheels.

I purchased my Rally Armor flaps from Primitive Racing in Tigard, Oregon. Paul and the crew over there have good pricing, great service, and are extremely well versed in all things rally. By the way, Primitive offers a host of Suzuki SX4 parts, too. Highly recommended.

The Rally Armor flaps should last for a long time and help save the car's paint. Plus, we think they look cool. But really, these are a function over form part. If you're going to spend the cash on mud flaps—good ones— Rally Armor makes a great product and are totally worth the cash. Great product: highly recommended.

WRX with newly installed Rally Armor mud flaps

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Ducati Scotty said...

400 miles in a week? Didn't the Forester get only 3000 miles in 9 months? I take it you like this car a bit better ;)