Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Five years with the Yaris

Happy Birthday Yaris
Happy Birthday, Yaris. The car is now five years old. It's also the car I've owned the longest. So for its birthday, I washed, claybarred, and waxed it. We've got a tick over 60,000 miles on it, but I'm sure it'll go much longer. The cool thing is that we still really like the car. It's great on gas, we like the looks, and it's a hoot to drive.

Washed, waxed, and clay barred roof.

FYI, this is the roof after claybarring and waxing. The surface is like glass smooth. Claybarring, however, gives you arthritis in your hands, I swear—it's a lot of work. It is, however, worth it.I also added the new style of Subcompact Culture decal to the rear window. You can get your decals here.

Anyway, our Yaris is clean, it's fun to drive, and I'm looking forward to another bunch of years out of it.

FYI here's a mod list of the 'ol Yaris:

Tein S-Tech springs
Tokico HP shocks/struts
TRD rear swaybar
Penguin garage 10mm rear spacers
15x6.5 (+40) Konig Daylite wheels
195/55/15 Yokohama S. Drive tires
K&N Typhoon intake
DC Sports header
Thunder axleback exhaust
NST short shift kit
NST shifter Bushings
NST shifter cage bushings
Autometer tachometer

Subcompact Culture Decal


Ducati Scotty said...

Happy birthday Yaris! My Honda's 16th birthday is coming next month. There's no way I'm clay barring anything, but maybe I'll take it to the car wash. Basic wash, no premium.

Killchain said...

The Yaris is a great car!

nlpnt said...

Nice! Mine's fifth "birthday" is at the end of January so any detailing'll wait until spring. I'll probably finally use the non-expiring coupon for a full detailing that was in the dealer packet when I bought it.