Friday, September 21, 2012

Car Care For Small Vehicle Owners


A-1 Auto Transport CarrierIt may seem as though owners of smaller vehicles have an easier time taking care of their cars than those with larger vehicles. However, many small car owners will tell you that this simply not the case. A car smaller in stature still requires the same care as a larger car and if the car is customized in any way, it may actually require more care. Consider a few tips on car care for smaller vehicles:

• Transport it over long distances: Instead of pushing your small car to the limit when you are traveling over a long distance, utilize an auto transport company such as instead. This ensures that your car will last just that much longer and you can spend more time driving it around your various destinations versus wearing it out getting from one point to the next. Allow auto transport to take on that task for you, getting your smaller vehicle where it needs to go without overtaxing it in the process. Websites such as are great places for comparing car shipping rates online.

• Keep fluids well-stocked: If there is less of your car, then this means there is less leeway for you to go without the proper changes and levels of fluid in your car. This is a good rule of thumb to remember for any car, though. Keep fluids at proper levels and have your car checked at regular intervals to ensure it is operating at optimal capacity.

• Make the most of your interior space: Since you don’t have a ton of room in your car, don’t clutter it with a ton of unnecessary accessories. Instead, consider the few things that you do actually need and utilize those in your vehicle. Always keep a trash bag handy so that trash doesn’t pile up quickly inside your vehicle. In a small car, mess can happen quickly and make your car look super junky, even if it is not.

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