Friday, August 31, 2012

Japanese Suzuki Jimny blog showcases pint-sized off-road unobtainium

Custom Suzuki Jimnys from N's Stage
One of my favorite all-time small vehicles is the Suzuki Jimny. This was the same thing as a Samurai up until 1998, when it was redesigned, and North America did not get the vehicle. Ah, unobtanium.

I found a pretty cool Japanese Jimny blog site, and although it's in Japanese (that's what Google Translate is for), it's still got lots of cool content about my favorite small off roader. This site is also the home for the Littlemonster Jimny, which looks like a 3/4 scale FJ Cruiser.

Maybe someday Suzuki will bring over the subcompact four wheeler again. One can hope. If they do, I'll build mine similar to one of the above rigs.



Rich M said...

I'd love one of these. Bring it over with a little turbo 1.4 or diesel and ability to tow a small trailer. Somewhere around 27/31 MPG for the 4x4 would make my day.

Lovine said...

+1. Suzuki seriously needs to get these back into NA. Hopefully the next Jimny isn't watered down and classified as unobtanium. Le sigh.