Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Modified Mitsubishi Mirage from Thailand

modified Mitsubishi Mirage from Thailand
Here's the first pic I've seen of a tricked-out new Mitsubishi Mirage from Thailand. In stock form, the little Mitsu is quite sleepy looking, as you can see in the picture below. Thomas in Thailand—our eyes on the streets in that country—posted the above Mirage on my Facebook page today. While I dig what looks to be a matte yellow paint job (maybe just the photo?) and the attempt at an EVO-esque front fascia, I'm still not convinced the new Mirage is a looker by any means, especially in stock form. In fact, I think I just fell asleep for a moment just looking at it.

New Mitsubishi Mirage
A stock version of the new Mitsubishi Mirage.
Thomas said that he's seeing more and more Mirages around the streets of Thailand, which makes sense, as it's the first country to get the car (it's manufactured there, too). Europe is supposed to get the Mirage next year, and it's apparently coming to Canada, too. The U.S.? Not so much, at least not yet.

Bonus points for the BMW-like grille on the micro truck in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hi ...

This is my cars in Thailand.
The yellow you seen is a sticker wrap.

The modification is start from 1st day with below list.
- Sticker wrap for the whole body
- Enkai wheel 15" and tire 195/50R15
- Lower suspension shock up
- Lower diffuser
- Side skirts
- Xenon upgrade with projector lens
- Full speaker upgrade with 2 * 10" sub woofer

Here is an update photo.

Hope you enjoy !!!

Andy Lilienthal said...

Thanks for the update. You've done a good job making your Mirage look good!

FYI, here's a clickable link to the photo for others:

Anonymous said...

hi, do you know where can i buy for the side skirt for 2012 mirage in thailand or maybe malaysia?

Anonymous said...

What is the front bumper? And where can I get it