Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Roadside Attraction: Drive-Thru Tree

My Toyota Yaris ina tree in the Chandelier Tree in California
Last week Mercedes and I hopped in our Yaris and road tripped it to Healdsburg, California. On the way back from partly-sunny Healdsburg, we stopped at the famous Drive-Thru Tree (aka the Chandelier Tree) in Leggett. This massive redwood stands an amazing 315 feet tall, is 21 feet in diameter, and is 2,400 years old. The opening was carved out in the 1930s and is about six feet wide and 6'9" tall.

Our Yaris wasn't the only subcompact driving through the tree that day. We caught a 2012 Nissan Cube (in a lovely shade of brown, if I do say) that was also in the tree.

Although few people would think of cutting a giant hole in a tree to drive cars through these days, this historic attraction helps to showcase the enormity that is a giant redwood tree from the comfort of your vehicle.

2012 Nissan Cube at the Drive-Thru Tree in Leggett, CA

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