Thursday, March 1, 2012

Widened steelies look hot on small cars

An oldie but goodie: Rocket Bunny Suzuki Wagon R on widened steelies.
Man, widened steelies look so good on some small cars. I don't know what it is for sure; maybe it's that combination of understated looks and raw steel wheels combined with the width that just makes me love 'em so. However, I'm not a big fan of the look of Diamond Racing steelies. They look a bit too NASCAR for me. Regardless of what style of widened steel wheel: To pull it off, you usually need to be slammed.

Being a functionalist most of the time, I probably would never rock 'em on my cars because they are usually heavy and more for the stanced/hellaflush crowd (e.g. lots-o-rubbing), but you never know. I can say that from a looks perspective, I think they're bad-ass.Here are a few examples to whet your pallet:

Basic, but hot.

Mild, but classy.

A larger diameter steel wheel still tucked/stanced.

Widened steelies with moon discs in the centers. Love this look!

I have to say, the xB looks great on wide steel.
Classic: Rabbit "Caddy" slammed on very wide steelies

Not something you see every day: A Geo Storm on widened steelies!

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