Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Protect your Paint from Harsh Winters (brought to you by AutoAnything)

Harsh winters have no sympathy for your vehicle’s paint. There are a few things in your control that protect your vehicle’s exterior. Start with one of our bug/stone deflectors that shields your ride from those pesky dive-bombing bugs. They also reduce windshield damage from stones kicked up by other vehicles on the road. Available with easy-to-install designs and a variety of finishes, they are guaranteed to complement your vehicle while adding protection. What better way to protect your vehicle’s front end than with a custom-fit car bra. These handy accessories protect your ride’s paint from that merciless winter weather and give you added styling at the same time. Constructed from durable materials to last and perfect for your winter road trips.

Now that you have the front end covered, make sure your wheels and tires have a sturdy set of winter mud flaps that increase protection from rocks, mud and road debris. Mud flaps are very easy to install and also provide a custom fit for your exact vehicle. To top it all off, make sure you have one of our waterproof car covers to protect your vehicle’s whole exterior. Just because you can’t park in a garage 24/7 doesn’t mean you can’t protect your ride from Jack Frost. A waterproof car cover provides a perfect fit on your vehicle and gives it a fighting chance against the elements: rain, snow, ice and even extreme sun. Available with a variety of finishes and warranties, you have worry-free protection for the life of your vehicle. Driving in harsh winter may be inevitable, but extend the life of your investment with these simple steps that protect your ride.

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