Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fiat previews larger 500L

Fiat 500L - Subcompact Culture

Fiat is previewing its larger 500L ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. FYI, the "L" stands for "large." In Europe, it'll have two gas engines and a diesel option. No word on a U.S. arrival.

Personally, I think the L could stand for "L'ugly." I do not like the look at all. Its wheels look too small. The rear side glass gets that MINI Countryman treatment (which I don't like on either car), and the whole thing just looks awkward to me. Gone is the unique style of the 500 two door; this version looks much more generic to me. It could be sold by anyone.

I'd be willing to bet this model will show up in U.S. Fiat Studios, but it may be too understated and nondescript for major appeal.

Fiat 500L - Subcompact Culture


rubicon4wheeler said...

I completely agree. I think something along the lines of the Fiat Panda Cross would be MUCH more to Americans' liking than that Fugly 500L.

Anonymous said...

This Ugly Betty is the successor of the 1998 Fiat Multipla which got killed in 2010 (and which was a but ungainly aswell). So a replacement was well needed for the European market. And that it could benefit (...) the North American market it just a coincidence.

(incidentally, the old Multipla was designed by Peter Davis, an American (!) whom I once met at a car meeting).

Tony said...

Yeah... no.. It's a Mini Clubman on some expired painkillers. I'll pass :) Bring on a Panda, Punto or even a Doblo