Wednesday, January 18, 2012 aims to connect Expo, Summit, and of course, Colt Vista fans (yes, they're out there)

A pair of customized DSM tall wagons. Let's face it: There's a website for nearly everything out there. However, there has never been a very good place dedicated to getting information about the Dodge Colt Vista and later Plymouth Colt Vista/Eagle Summit Wagon/Mitsubishi Expo tall wagons; at least not since I shut down the Mitsubishi Expo LRV Pages in 1999 after trading in my '92 Expo LRV. However, there is now a place for those looking for a DSM tall wagon community:

It's true—there aren't many of us out there that are enthusiastic about these vehicles, but we do exist (yes, I'm one of them). Heck, mine had a custom exhaust, custom intake, and a few other goodies. It was a great vehicle, and I'd love to pick another one up some day as a 4G63T sleeper project.

So whether you want to share a story about your Colt Vista, are looking for parts for your '93 Eagle Summit Wagon, or simply want to connect with other tall-wagon fans, check out I already signed up.

Thanks to Subcompact Culture reader "smitty" for the tip.


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