Monday, November 14, 2011

What the hell? Your PT Cruiser limousine is waiting for you ... out by the dumpster.

I was shocked, awed, and slightly nauseated when I saw this in the parking lot of a winery in Oregon yesterday. Although I wanted to turn my head away, like any self-respecting journalist, I had to photograph it. The public deserves to know this is out there.

Then again, if I owned a limo company and was taking a bunch of people wine tasting all day, I'd rather have them barf in this than in the Lincoln or Cadillac.

I think this photo deserves a caption. Leave one in the comments.


Grace said...

"As if going stag to prom wasn't embarrassing enough... my parents rented me a stretch PT Cruiser"

Steve B said...

I think "Barf" is the most appropriate. What TF else would you do?

jmv said...

Which one is the dumpster?

nlpnt said...

Man, that woulda been cool ten years ago. At least it's a long enough stretch that you won't be able to hear the engine struggle with the extra weight from the back seat.