Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road Race Motorsports' 1967 Lancia gets paint

As you may remember, Rob over at Road Race Motorsports has been working on a piece of vintage Italian iron: A 1967 Lancia Fulvia. I posted photos of the beautiful engine that's going into it. But here's photos of the body wearing a sexy shade of red. This is one gorgeous Italian! Can't wait to continue to see progress on it.


K Sport said...

Lancia's expensive pursuit of engineering excellence ended when Fiat took over the debt-laden company in 1969. Before the Fiat takeover, though, Lancia was able to introduce a model that combined crisp Italian styling, capable performance, and advanced technology in a light and lithe package. That model, the Fulvia, was introduced in 1963 and continued in production for years after Fiat took control of ailing Lancia.

CGS intake said...

Build and ride quality were superb, and the durability of these cars are excellent considering the relatively modest performance specifications. The meticulous engineering makes maintenance of these oldies simple, although it can be quite expensive due to the scarcity of parts.