Monday, September 19, 2011

A great photo of The Teal Terror and an update

Suzuki Sidekick project
My friend Curt (a professional art director and photograher), took this photo of "The Teal Terror" on Friday. I'm fairly certain Curt could photograph nearly anything and make it look good.
In addition, I also just bought a Shrockworks winch bumper off of craigslist. This was the bumper I had wanted originally wanted to purchase, but they haven't offered new units in some time. Score for me. I'll need to get the hardware and do a small bit of fab work, and test fit it to make sure I've got the right brackets. Once mounted, I'll likely get a WARN VR8000 winch.


BSP_yaris said...

It's looking great.

CGS intake said...

It is just so admirable that I want to get my hands on with it. You must be so proud owning this car.