Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suzuki to offer a small pickup based on the Jimny?

Suzuk X-HEAD concept - Subcompact Culture

According to Autoblog, Suzuki says it's considering offering a small pickup, possibly based on its next iteration of the subcompact Jimny 4x4, in the next few years.

The vehicle pictured above is the Suzuki X-HEAD concept, which first appeared in 2007. I would love to add a Jimny-based Suzuki 4x4 to my stable. In fact, assuming it was 1) offered with a manual tranmission 2) included at least a solid rear axle and 3) has a true 4WD system, I'd buy one as my next vehicle, so long as it retains its small proportions.

A lot of people went "head over heals" for the X-HEAD concept, now let's see if Suzuki can pull it off and actually sell something new and different enough to make some profit and make people turn to the brand in the U.S. market.
Suzuki considering offering (another) small pickup for U.S. (via Autoblog)

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CGS intake said...

It's small but has very roomy interior. It's a cool truck to own and it's very portable to drive it anywhere you want. The truck looks like a mini cooper only it is in cased in a truck body kit.