Friday, June 10, 2011

What's your favorite small convertible?

Mazda Miata

Yesterday was definitely a top-down day in my Suzuki Sidekick. There's nothing like that open-air feeling on a nice day. What's you favorite small convertible?

I remember the first time I was in a convertible: I was with my dad and sister in Minnesota on a glorious summer day. It was a white Chrysler Sebring Convertible rental. I remember loving the feeling of the wind in my hair (back when I had hair), the ability to experience more of the world around you: more sights, smells, and sounds.

My dad said that everything was better in a convertible: the stereo, the driving experience, everything. He also said everyone should own a convertible at some point. And hey, now I do (the Sidekick).
Now granted, the Sebring wasn't a small car (and it isn't my favorite convertible). However, the Mazda Miata is, and I reviewed a Miata with the power retracting hard top. Man, did I love that car. If I could've kept any of the cars I've reviewed thus far, it'd be that one.

So what's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Miata. Spitfire is 2nd

Andy Lilienthal said...

Good choices. Another cool one is the Suzuki Cappuccino. Never been in one, but totally cool!

hodad66 said...

I had many of the older MG's and a Fiat but my 2007 Miata was my favorite sports car hands down.