Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In the driveway: 2011 Honda Fit Sport with Navigation

2011 Honda Fit Sport with Navigation - Subcompact Culture
In the driveway this week: The 2011 Honda Fit Sport with Navigation. Amazingly, I have not done a review on this vehicle. I've driven them only a couple times, too so this will be a good chance to get to know Honda's hatchback.

Initial impressions are good. Although it's equipped with the automatic, it's a very quick-shifting auto, and the paddle shifters are very good. Throttle response is second to none, too. And I've already showed off the "magic seats" a couple of times. Good stuff.

More later!


D2M said...

Only thing I don't like about my Fit (which is the exact same as yours but an earlier year) is the noise on the road and that the seats can get uncomfortable after driving for long periods of time (I've gone from North Texas to Florida in our Fit, numerous times, so I've done serious testing with the seats).

Those magic seats are awesome though. We fit three cats (in carriers) and all our luggage plus Christmas presents in the back with the seats down when we visit family every year. Even without the seats back, the "trunk" has a surprising amount of room for the size of the vehicle.

Can't wait to read your review! :D

Andy Lilienthal said...

I was waiting for your post, as I know you had a Fit. It will be interesting to compare notes after I've had this for a week.

murphyseanm said...

I really like the Fit and the new one is so good looking, but it is just a half size too small for my needs. I love it, but it is just not practical for me.

nlpnt said...

I know that for 2011 Honda dropped the manual/navigation Fit; ppersonally I think it's time car manufacturers start to phase out inbuilt in-car satnav, as it's obsolete for most of the life of the car while a plug-in unit or even a smartphone app is much more cost-effective both to buy and to keep up to date.

@murphyseanm: Rumor has it that Honda might offer the Fit Shuttle in the US; that's an extended-body wagon version.