Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best Exterior Mods and Bling for Subcompact Cars (brought to you by

Like eating and breathing, most subcompact car fans have an involuntary urge to modify their vehicles. Whether the modifications are for protection, performance or style, it’s not a question of why, but a question of what to do next. And most enthusiasts start satiating their modification urges with easy-to-add chrome car bling on the exterior. Aftermarket products like shiny license plate frames and chrome mirror trim bolt right on and go a long way in setting your subcompact apart from the highway herd. Best yet, these exterior modifications are easy to install and usually cost very little.

Some other exterior parts to look into are ground effects & body kits. Unlike the easy bolt-on components, these accessories actually affect your sub’s handling by providing down force. They’re a little tricky to install, though, since they need to be paint matched. While you’re already bolting new parts to the bodywork, look into some chrome bull bars, too. These bumpers-on-steroids were originally designed for trucks and SUVs, but these days you can get a bull bar for even the smallest subcompact. That way, errant shopping carts and other suburban flotsam simply gets bumped aside instead of denting your ride.

There are a lot of products designed to bling out the backside of your ride, too. LED taillights and the aforementioned license plate frames are plentiful on the aftermarket and easy to install. Also, clamp on exhaust tips add a little style along with the appearance of a custom exhaust system. Of course, if that tip is on the shiny end of a high-performance cat back exhaust system—all the better. All in all, adding a little bling and schwing to your ride is an easy way to enter the world of subcompact modification. But be careful, once bitten by the mod bug, you’re hooked for good!

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