Wednesday, May 25, 2011

JDM Suzuki Jimny in Utah

JDM Suzuki Jimny Turbo

During my last trip to Moab, Utah a couple weeks ago, there were two things I didn't expect to see: Beer with more than 4.0% alcohol and a 1990 Suzuki Jimny (and yes, I found both).

JDM Suzuki Jimny Turbo engineThis is a bona-fide Jimny, not a rebadged Samurai. It was imported by Intermountain Mini Trucks (IMT) of Brigham City, UT (they also brought the Suzuki Carry minitruck I showed earlier). The little 4x4 has a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder fuel-injected engine churning out 55 horsepower. Luckily, it is geared very low. Great for off-road use, not so good on the highway, though. I was told the vehicle crawls very well. (I can't remember the ratio off hand, but I want to say it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.72:1. FYI, my stock Suzuki Sidekick is 5.12:1). It's a good thing it has such a low gear ratio, as it rolls on 31" tires; a 3" lift was added, too.

The inside of the right-hand-drive Jimny looked very similar to a Suzuki Samurai (naturally). This one had a special roof with "alpine windows." How cool is that? Plus, the seats had the trick "TURBO" embroidery.

JDM Suzuki Jimny
This JDM Jimny is licensed for street use in certain areas of the U.S. (Utah allows plates on certain off-highway vehicles in specified areas), basically the same places you can drive a plated side x side (e.g. Polaris RZR, Yamaha Rhino). So, yes, you could drive this from the campground to the trailhead in Utah without any legal issues. However, forget driving it downtown anywhere. But who cares: It's awesome.

JDM Suzuki Jimny Turbo


Anonymous said...

I took this truck for a drive and it is a Bad ass little truck, the turbo is Awesome and it will climb like a goat. It will go anywhere a rhino will go and with more comfort, that is I have not seen a rhino with AC or a good heater.

Andy Lilienthal said...

Very cool! And true, no Rhino has AC!

todd said...

i have one of these for sale if anyone is interested!

matthew said...

@todd...I am interested! Yes, I realize your comment is a year old ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info...