Monday, May 9, 2011

Caboose Trailers' MINI Countryman hitch

While at the 2011 Overland Expo in Amado, AZ, I ran into Andy Cohen of Caboose Trailers. He showed me one of their subcompact-oriented products: a special hitch for the MINI Countryman. Rated for 100 lbs. of tongue weight and 1,000 lbs. of towing, it's a great accessory for those who might want to pull a small trailer (maybe one of their teardrop trailers?). What's really cool, is it's a no-cut, no-drill piece that utilizes the holes in the bumper for tow points. Plus, it's easily removable when you don't want it on there. Cool stuff.

MINI Countryman Trailer Hitch from Caboose Trailers


Unknown said...

Where can this be purchased?

john wold said...

I'd like to know as well. I've heard of mini CRAP aka CRAP industries but they seem to not be around anymore.

Andy Lilienthal said...


CRAP Industries is now closed and all products are retired.

Unknown said...

Is this type of trailer hitch for a 2013 countryman still available anywhere?