Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 2011 subcompact sales

Subcompact Cars

April was a big month for small cars. With gas prices headed skyward, people were apparently looking to smaller means of transportation. The Soul continues to dominate, and even might edge out the Nissan Versa for most sales in 2011. Aveo had a good month, as did Fit, xD, and Accent; the latter two somewhat surprisingly. Suzuki's SX4 is trying hard to pull out of the red in the YTD column.

The big loser again was Toyota's Yaris, which continues its downward sales spiral. The slow selling Smart ForTwo continues to sell slowly. In other news, fire is hot, the sky is blue.

Of the newcomers, the Fiesta is on fire, selling nearly 29,500 units YTD, making it a solid third in the overall race for sales. Also of note, the chocked-full-of-compact-crossover-funk, Nissan Juke, which has had very strong sales, despite its ultra-forward styling.

But enough about me, here are the numbers ...

Make/Model  April '11 vs. Mar. '10 Units April '11 YTD '11 vs. '10 YTD sold '11
Kia Soul +100.2% 10459 +102.3% 32516
Chevrolet Aveo +67.3% 4645 +18.4% 12859
Honda Fit +66.3% 8116 +54.2% 23585
Scion xD +52.1% 1205 +24.1% 3727
Hyundai Accent +46.8% 3367 +26.4% 18877
MINI Cooper/S Hardtop +43.7% 1931 +7.4% 9843
Suzuki SX4 +2.0% 1000 -7.0% 3836
Nissan Versa -2.8% 6413 -3.1% 36748
MINI Cooper/S Clubman -2.9% 805 -16.2% 2351
Kia Rio -14.7% 2575 -22.3% 7460
MINI Cooper/S Convertible -15.8% 565 -19.9% 1583
Nissan Cube -19.2% 1733 -23.5% 8677
Smart ForTwo -31.3% 467 -16.5% 1734
Toyota Yaris -50.5% 1987 -48.5% 8597
Ford Fiesta -- 9147 -- 29474
Nissan Juke -- 3280 -- 13449
Honda CR-Z -- 1819-- 5489
MINI Crossover -- 1709 -- 5010
Mazda2 -- 1386 -- 5217
Fiat 500 -- 882 -- 1382


nlpnt said...

This'll probably be the last strong month for the Accent for a while as the dealers run out of the old model and the new one ramps up (at this writing, the build-and-price is up but only for the sedan).

I'm surprised the Mini Clubman's done so well - it's at that awkward point where it's too compromised to be a lifestyle car like the 3-door Mini, but too pricey to compete with the xD, Soul, Fit and others.

The Fiesta's doing well, not surprising but I still think it'd get a sales boost from a base-model S hatchback. I guess I just dig the Fiesta S' two-tone seats but the sedan styling offends me.

The Yaris is marking time, the next generation's been out in Japan since last fall. The Toyota dealer in town has tons of 'em, probably waiting to see how high gas'll be in summer before offering deep disocunts.

Same with the Aveo - Chevy has the Sonic preview site prominently featured. Plus there's the added wrinkle that Cruze is a 40 MPG car and the Aveo isn't.


Andy Lilienthal said...


True enough. My wife and I moved out here in 2006 (we both had secured jobs out there). It's a well-worn path from the Midwewst and Northeast, to Portland, though.