Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Other small cars at the Geneva Motor Show

Fiat 500 Zagato Coupe concept
There are a few other small car concepts at the Geneva Motor Show this year. One of my favorites is the Fiat 500 Zagato Coupe concept pictured above. It's a bit racier than a standard Fiat 500, and I really dig the rear pillar. Autoblog has some great photos of the real deal, which is finished in a sort of pearl mustard color (can you have pearl mustard?).

Mitsubishi Global Small concept
Another small car is the far less interesting Mitsubishi Global Small. Certainly not a name that will confuse onlookers, the Global Small is likely a hint at what the next generation Colt will look like. Although not bad looking, it certainly isn't going to take your breath away, either.

Rinspeed BamBoo
Finally, there's the Rinspeed BamBoo. This all-electric car (I guess it's a car) can allegedly do up to 75 MPG for 65 miles. Painted a two-tone red and human flesh color, the BamBoo features an inflatable roof beach blanket, a tablet PC with the ability to display stuff on its grille (no really), and the propensity to scare small Swiss children by simply appearing unprovoked in their dreams. OK, I lied about the last part. In fact, it look a bit like a Little Tikes toy. A- for effort, though.


nlpnt said...

The 500 Zagato looks like a 500 with an outgoing Elantra hatch roofline grafted on. Not bad, but not a definite improvement over the "normal" 500.

The Mitsu has kind of a pre-production-concept-overly-cleaned-up look. Those are the unsportiest possible big alloys for that car, the flush bonded door glass will NOT make production, and where are the doorhandles?
With those details sorted it'll be a bit more interesting.

I'd like to see the Rinspeed in other colors and de-stickered. Maybe with some late-70s-retro tricolor graphics?

nlpnt said...

Sorry, meant to say the Zagato looks like it has an Accent hatch roofline...

Andy Lilienthal said...

It's funny, nlpnt, I thought the same thing about the Zagato. However, I like it.