Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lilttle car, big engine

It's the oldest trick in the go-fast book. Take a small car, put a big engine in it. Think Shelby Cobra. Think any hot-rodded car ever. Anyway, this guy's project Vega Kammback is a good example. Take one, small, lightweight car, and put in a fire-breathing V-8 in it. Although I can't attest to it actually breathing fire, it certainly sounded like it did. I saw this little guy on the way home from work.

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nlpnt said...

It seems like most surviving Vegas have been converted to V8 power. Apparently it's the smallest chassis a smallblock Chevy will fit into , and SBCs and their parts are much cheaper and more plentiful than the original aluminum 4s.

V8 Pintos are fairly common too, even though the Pinto engine isn't the clinker the Vega one was. In fact the 2wd Ranger still uses the old Pinto 2.3.