Thursday, August 12, 2010

What the hell? Some old Suzuki Wagon R photos put me in a crazy Japanese van kinda mood

It was a Suzuki Wagon R - Subcompact CultureWhat is this? I think it is ... er ... was a Suzuki Wagon R at some point. I've had these photos for several years. Why am I posting them now? Why not. They're fine example of a crazy Japanese tall wagons/vans—a favorite genre of mine. And frankly, I'm in a crazy Japanese van/tall wagon kinda mood. So here's one more: A Suzuki Wagon R dressed up to look like a Chevy Astro van. Why? Just because ...

Suzuki Wagon R Chevy Astro Van - Subcompact Culture

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Unknown said...

Nice Pics and I think the New 2013 Wagon R had been boosted with the same Presentation