Monday, August 9, 2010

Our new car: 2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD

2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD crossover - Subcompact CultureIf you've followed Subcompact Culture for any time, you're well aware that my wife and I really liked our 2009 Suzuki SX4 AWD. It was small, all-wheel drive, decent on gas, and fun to drive. It was the perfect car for us ... almost.

The not-so-perfect part was that it wore black paint. This was our first black car, and not too long after taking it home, we decided it would be our last. You've got to have a certain mindset to own a black car, what with it's propensity to show every speck of dirt, scratch, rock chip, or flaw. Frankly, we did not have that mindset.

So, after a year-and-a-half of black-car ownership, our Black Onyx Pearl SX4 was traded in for a 2010 SX4 AWD wearing "Quicksilver" paint. Having owned multiple silver cars, we knew we could live with this finish.

2010 Suzuki SX4 crossover interior - Subcompact Culture2010 Changes
For those not aware, there were some significant changes to the SX4 for '10. A new 2.0-liter engine has variable valve timing and makes 150hp (up from 143) and 140 ft./lbs. of torque (up from 136). Fuel economy is up to 22/30, too (from 21/28). If you opt for a manual transmission like we did, the car comes with a six-speed manual vs. the previous five-speed (there's also a new CVT available). In addition, the seats are more supportive (and feature a driver's side height adjustment) and they wear a new fabric; there's a new gauge cluster; a new stereo head unit (with aux jack); and the ability for fold-flat seats (we'll need to buy the optional floor piece for that since we bought the base model).

All these pieces take the already good SX4 and make it that much better. It's more comfortable, faster and more efficient, and it's more versatile thanks to our fourth-coming floor panel for fold-flat interior capability.

2010 Suzuki SX4 AWD - Subcompact CultureThe only downside (and it's a minor one for us): Gone are standard alloy wheels. Instead we got steelies with hubcaps. No real biggie, though; we plan on getting some custom wheels at some point. However, that's down the line. Until then, we'll enjoy our silver SX4, and hopefully not spend as much time worrying about whether or not the finish will show every speck of dirt.

By the way, Todd and the rest of the sales crew at Vancouver Suzuki (in Vancouver, WA) was great—highly recommended.

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Subcompact Culture decalOh, and if you want a free Subcompact Culture decal, you can always e-mail me! Just send your name, address, and whether you want white or silver.


D2M said...


I wanted a blue car, but all they had was silver. It worked out though, 'cause we got a GPS. Which my husband had been adamant about NOT getting. (Because he doesn't want "them" keeping he's weird!)

Thanks for putting this post up! I was curious what you were thinking of the new '10 SX4. :)

Anonymous said...

Thirty-Nine, congrats on your new ride and I hope it gives you many trouble free years of service!
Socarboy99 (from the

got-rice said...

Did you take a big loss on the trade in? Or was the dealer anxious to move some cars?

burnitwithfire said...

I hesitated between black and white when I bought my Accent. I love black cars, when clean they look sleeker than any other color. When clean... In then end I left the dealer with a Noble White Accent and I don't regret it. It looks sportier in white and isn't as much maintenance.

Can't go wrong with silver maintenance wise. It looks clean even it hasn't been cleaned in months!

Andy Lilienthal said...


I LOVE the look of clean, black cars. My dad has owned nothing but black cars for years. He's got a black 2006 Vette, a black Volvo, and a black Jeep. However, he's got a garage, which helps. I have a carport that allows for a lot of pollen to get on the car. Plus, taking it up Mt. Hood skiing didn't help the paint.

FYI, I've got mudflaps on the way for our 2010 and will be getting the 3M clearbra on the front and (hopefully) in front of the fenders, too.

nlpnt said...

Reminds me of a song..."Black Cars Look Better in the Shade" by Gino Vanneli