Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Gran Turismo 5 screen shot

I'm not much of a gamer, per se. However, I have owned all of the Gran Turismo games (minus Prologue). Gran Turismo 5 has been announced for a November release and I think I'm going to have bite the bullet and get a Playstation 3. The above is a screen shot from the game. Wow.

Heck, I could use a Blu-Ray player, anyway.

Thanks to Steve Wasp for the screen shot!


Eric said...

Ha. I remember when playing GT in your basement made me go out and by a PS1 the next morning. DEMIO!!

Andy Lilienthal said...

Hell yes. DEMIO! I remember seeing the commercial for GT and thinking "Holy crap—I need this." Jake got the game and was playing it at his parent's house, and it was amazing. Let's hop GT5 is as good s the previous games.