Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nostalgic Subcompact: Siata Spring

My friend Scott ran into a fellow driving this little guy here in Portland: A Siata Spring. Frankly, I'd never heard of the car. But as it turns out, it's rather interesting.

Siata was an Italian company that based its cars off of Fiats. The Spring was based off of a rear-engined Fiat 850. And yes, the Siata Spring maintains the rear-engined, 850cc powerplant despite its pronounced front grille. Allegedly the grille on this particular Spring was custom made from brass, too (not something most Siata Springs had). Interesting little car!

Siata Wikipedia Page


Anonymous said...

Looks like an old VW kit car.

Anonymous said...

My sister had a green one. I drove it at night when I was 15, without permission of course. It was not overly fast nor super comfortable. It felt more like a overgrown go cart with thin tin walls. It was very fragile and if you were in an accident, it would take a can opener to get you out. It was a small fun car to drive...especially at night when your 15 :-))