Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "cheap and ugly" Subaru. Make that su-BAR-u

The Truth About Cars posted up a great set of old Subaru 360 commercials.

The commercial refers to the car as "cheap and ugly." They also pronounce "Subaru" (typically SU-bar-u) as "su-BAR-u." Kinda odd ...

Anyway, For $1,297 you could get a su-BAR-u and get up to 66 MPG according to the commercials. Let's see a WRX do that. Then again, I'd rather get into a fender bender with a WRX.

The Truth About Cars via YouTube


D2M said...

I actually think it's cute, not ugly!

What an odd set of commercials!

But, wow, that's a cheap car! What do you think something like that would run now a' days with inflation? $5000?

Zane said...

Japanese-style pronunciation.

It's the rest of us that have it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Now lets see a Subie freak stuff a WRX drivetrain in to one of these!