Thursday, June 17, 2010

What the Hell? Yaris Batmobile = superhero downsizing

Batmobile Yaris
Is this a sign of the times? Has the "Caped Crusader" downsized to a Yaris? I'm certainly hoping not. If this truly is Batman's new car, can someone tell me how to get a hold of Superman instead? Maybe the Green Lantern? Hell—Ace and Gary?

Batmobile Yaris

Batmobile Yaris
Batmobile Yaris



samuryan_x said...

thats gotta be adam west's car lol

D2M said...



I dunno. I don't feel I can say anything too negative since my house looks just as tacky as the outside of this Yaris.

You gotta admit: That's devotion!

nlpnt said...

Or product placement!

Comne to think of it, maybe the next movie could use that open single-seater Yaris that was on the show circuit a couple years ago. Y'know, like the Lincoln Futura became the '60s TV Batmobile.

How does the owner of this one get the hatch open?

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Nothing Wrong with the Caped Crusader Driving a Yaris. But, Somehow I imagine he would find a way to get a Supercharger and a Turbo combo hooked up to this baby.

Mike said...

Not only is this caped crusader saving Gotham, he's also eco-friendly. Take that BP! :D

Andy Lilienthal said...

You guys are hilarious.