Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos from 4th-Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise

4th Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise - Subcompact Culture

The weather wasn't optimal for a cruise up Mt. St. Helens—or anywhere for that matter—but those of us in the Pacific Northwest know that if you let a little rain stop you from doing something, you'll never do anything. At some points on the Interstate, however, I thought I might need and outboard motor: It was pouring.

Rain and all, we had a total of 36 cars including 23 Scions, nine Toyotas, three Hondas, a Nissan, and a VW. The event started in Castle Rock, WA (about an hour-and-a-half from Portland, OR), but we had people come up from San Diego (albeit, on the way to Yakima, WA) and come down Vancouver Canada! The BBQ/picnic afterward was fantastic, too, and the rain let up just in time to eat.

Thanks to everyone that helps make this happen! Next year is the 5th Anniversary of this event and it will be on June 5, 2011. In the meantime, here are some of my pics, with links to others.

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2010 Northwest Annual Mt. St. Helens Cruise (via YarisWorld.com)
Mt. St. Helens Cruise Pics (via ScionLife.com)
4th Annual Mt Saint Helens BBQ (Gideon417's Photobukcet album)

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Unknown said...

Great to meet everyone. Thanks Andy for getting the word out, see you next year.