Friday, May 28, 2010

"This or That": Kia releases next Soul "hamster" ad

By know everyone knows Kia's "hamster" commercial for the Soul. The ad even won a Nielsen Automotive Advertising Award. Now the hamsters are back with a new commercial.

I had to laugh at the first "This" or "That" comparison: The Kia Soul or ... a toaster. Hmmm ... I wonder who "that" is aimed at? **cough** SCION **cough** Another good commercial from Kia. Oh, and if you were wanting some of the clothes being worn by the giant rodents, keep an eye on

Be sure to check back Tuesday, June 1 for the May subcompact sales info, in which we'll see if the Kia Soul is still selling as well as it did last month (and the few months before).



got-rice said...

Props to Kia for using a gold age hip hop song in its commercial, rather than today's bubble gum wannabe thug "rappers".

D2M said...

Bwahaha! So ridiculous! But I can't help but love the hamsters. ;)

murphyseanm said...

I see the toaster as the Scion xB, the washing machine as the Nissan Cube, and the cardboard box as the Honda Element. The old school rap is a nice touch.

Unknown said...

New commercial for a 2010 in June? Does that mean we won't see the 2011 any time soon?