Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 subcompact sales

March 2010 subcompact sales are mixed. However, for the most part, if you were up, you were way up. The Soul was up more than 300% vs. 3/09, the Versa continues to go skyward, too. Aveo and Rio sales are looking strong, as well.

On the negative end, the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris sales continue to slide slightly, although Yaris sales appear to be mostly unaffected by the company's recall. The big looser, however, was the Suzuki SX4, whose sales were down 74% compared to '09 (Suzuki's overall sales were down 64% for 3/10). However, the Smart car still has the fewest sales compared to '09 overall.

Mar. '10 vs Mar. '09Total 2009 vs. 2010
Total sold in '10
Kia Soul
Nissan Versa
Chevrolet Aveo
Kia Rio+50.4%+56.2%6,578
MINI Cooper+0.1%+2.5%8,728
Honda Fit-15.3%-27.0%10,292
Toyota Yaris-23.3%-16.1%12,513
Hyundai Accent-27.6%+11.4%15,288
Scion xD-28.6%-22.4%2,182
Smart ForTwo-61.2%-71.7%1,337
Suzuki SX4-74.0%-57.0%3,160
Nissan Cube----9,183


burnitwithfire said...

The Accent and Yaris are starting to show their age design wise. I think the Accent is one of the last car Hyundai is refreshing in their lineup. Toyota on the other hand will probably screw it up like they did with the Corolla, Camry, Avalon and pretty much everything else in their lineup.

Andy Lilienthal said...

As HyundaiSmoke will no doubt tell mention, the Accent is up for redesign soon, as is the Yaris.

Not much confidence in Toyota, eh? I haven't been impressed with much of theirs lately. They'd better offer a manual transmission in the next Yaris, unlike the iQ they'll be selling as a Scion (CVT only thus far).

burnitwithfire said...

I did see the spy shots of the new Accent and I'm somewhat dissapointed. It looks good but it's too similar to the Sonata. Reminded me more of a Elantra replacement.

On the other hand, I can't wait to see what Kia will do with the Rio. Their current lineup is, IMO, one of the best looking on the market. Odd to say when you think they made sub-par cars not that long ago.

Steven Rahn said...

The Versa is impressive by the numbers. I continue to wonder how many of those sales are rental car fleet.
Regardless, they are selling well. I believe the powerful new Accent will amaze people, but even now, it has the second highest sales numbers for 2010 amongst subcompacts.

Andy Lilienthal said...

burnitwithfire—I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments on Kia. And I, too look forward to the next-gen Rio. I happen to think the current gen is pretty nice, actually (almost bought the Rio5 instead of the Yaris).

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Accent will debut in Beijing in 18 days. Yaris will debut in Europe First, then drop by in America like normal. Rio will Debut sometime soon, about 6 months after Accent.

Santa Fe will be the last model to get a redesign.

Accent, Elantra, then Azera, then Veracruz, then Santa Fe.

Veloster will either be an Accent or an Elantra Hatch.

I hear a manual for Yaris, dont worry Thirty-Nine.