Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In The Driveway: 2010 Ford Transit Connect

The latest vehicle in the driveway is the 2010 Ford Transit Connect. This pint-sized panel van drives like a car, but hauls a lot of stuff. Think 3/4 size Dodge Sprinter. I'll be putting in some time behind the wheel today; updates to follow!


D2M said...

I'm excited to see this review. I don't why, but I love this van. Maybe cause it screams European... :)

Andy Lilienthal said...

Thus far, it's a cool little vehicle, and I can see why Ford is doing so well with it. It's incredibly practical for someone that doesn't need (or want) a full-size fan, but needs something larger than a hatchback or wagon.

D2M said...

I think it's about time they brought something like this over. I think it'll fill a niche. I hope it does well. The Fiesta too. The chances are higher of getting good quality European-styled cars in the States if people will buy what's already offered.