Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VIDEO: Non-computer-generated Chevy Aveo RS also looks good

Below we have the computer-rendered Chevrolet Aveo RS. However, this is the real deal. No sound, but you do get a good idea of what the real concept car looks like.


adamaoc said...

looks good... but as it goes with many GM's these days, they seem to be looking good but never really hit on the driving aspect. I'd still stick with a Fiesta or Suzuki

Anonymous said...

I like it for sure, but again, what kind of quality will it have? I expect it to have rattles in the dash, doors or hatch by 20,000 miles. I honestly hope not, but I am still skeptical of GM quality control. I would have more confidence in the Mazda 2, which is less powerful but cool looking. Even the Mazda2 seems to have some noticeable gaps between the plastic bits....if the pics are accurate. The Fiesta needs to be a 3-door and priced lower.