Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reskinned Rio for 2010

2010 Kia Rio5 - Subcompact Culture
Kia's popular Rio sedan and Rio5 hatchback get a mild reskin for 2010. Although not highly promoted, the mild updates look good, and ditch the black bumpers and door moldings—elements some people immediately associate with "economy car." Both the front and rear fascias look more upscale, making the car's overall appearance more sophisticated; it's very tasteful.

2010 Kia Rio5 - Subcompact Culture2010 Kia Rio Sedan - Subcompact Culture
2010 Kia Rio Sedan - Subcompact Culture2010 Kia Rio SX interior - Subcompact Culture



murphyseanm said...

It drives the same as the last generation, it is all looks. I will say that I like it better than the old one by a lot, still won't get me to drive it though.

Unknown said...

Do you think they might have had a pontiac/toyota factory out of california to make this one?

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Its not a next Gen Model, its a refresh. I hear US Rio will be delayed by a year, as the replacement Next Generation Rio will be out in 2012 instead of 2011like Normal.

The MINI, Versa, Rio, and Accent in my book are the only 4 cars in the class worth the price. Paying $16K for a Fit or SX4 is asinine when for that price some larger C-Segment cars like KIA Forte have leather and 50-60 more HP.

Humm maybe that's why Accent and Versa are at the top of the B-Seg charts, and the MINI does well despite the POS relibility and price premium.

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Why is it that the ssme car, Accent runs circles around the KIA in terms of sales?

Its brand hating, plus the Black Tonka Toy Panels. If it was badged as a Hyundai or something else this car would fly off the lots like the Accent does.

I perfer the Accent as that has a look of aspiration (it looks like a weird Korean rendition of BMW 1-series) from a brand thats this quirky Affordable Near luxury company trying to become a Full Luxury company in the future.

Yeah I said Near luxury company. Chrysler is a Near luxury company, and Hyundai's product line runs circles arund everything Chyrsler makes.

I grew up in a Chrysler family so I know what Im talking about, plus if you check the trade in stats Chrysler owners are jumping ship to Hyundai, like I did.

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

The Accent however is weeks (18-24 weeks)away from the Next Gen Sedan Debut.

That looks like a baby 2011 Sonata, and one of the many things this class needs is an afforable near/quasi/obtainable luxury sedan with Leather, etc...

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks better. I thought the original Rio was a good effort, but just fell short of the mark. It seemed stuck in the 90s, and needed better performance. The new version will hopefully address all that.

nlpnt said...

I agree it should be possible to get a really nice car for $16k, (at least, before adding sunroof, leather seats and auto trans if you must).

I'd go for a hatchback over a sedan; it's not a feature I use often but it's saved me having to rent or borrow a truck several times over the years and enabled me to save the day at work just recently. Plus, I just like the style better, especially on smaller cars. Any news on the next-gen Accent hatch? Are they sticking with 3 doors or goting to 5? Or just bringing over the i20?

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

I think Veloster could be next Gen Accent hatch. If it was it would have 1 or 2 smaller MINI clubman like doors in the rear passgenger area. i20 is still a mystery, as i20 will get replaced soon enough.

I think Hyundai might have to bring a next gen i20 over here instead of the current gen model. I think the US market would do better with an i20 MPV rather than a hatch. The i20 5 door is smaller than Accent 3 door believe it or not.

Hyundai/KIA is going away from the "world car" strategy. For Example Accent is fine for the US, but in Europe, no. Its too heavy for their needs for one, and the powertrains are too large for their needs. i20 will be for Europe and counries that have European tastes, Accent will be for the US and countries that have American tastes.

Andy Lilienthal said...

I'd love to see the next i20 here. I think it's a nice looking car.

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Its a nice looking car if it csme here a few years ago, but compared to this next gen Accent they re working on the i20 is going to be quite dated, especially on the interior front. The interior is an exact copy of the 2011 pre-production Elantra interior. There are some Accent spy photos I have over at Accent Planet you can blow up and see.

The i20 Grille will be dated too.

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

I do know Hyundai is heading for a lineup like this in the future in many markets.

i25 (Accent)
ix25 (SX4 Like B-Seg Crossover)
i35 (Elantra)
ix35 (Tuscon)
i45 (Sonata)
ix45 (Santa Fe)
i55 (Azera)
ix55 (Veracruz)
i60 (Small RWD Sedan Hyundai is developing
i65 (Genesis)
ix65 (Genesis Truck)
i70 (Equus/Genesis Prestige)

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

Also, Hyundai plans on sub branding all of its cars. Like the Sneaker Companies do with Sneakers.

They already do that in Korea. Its a Korean Car Culture aspect they are bringing here.

Accent will be a Brand
Elantra will be a Brand
and so forth

Like Nike having Air Force ones, then Jordans, etc....

At Hyundai dealers there will be Accent specialists, techs, etc... The Accent brand products will share a common design theme while stll maintaining the company's 'Fluidic Sculpture" design rubric.

They might even have special logos for each different car like they have in Korea.

Its a way to build the customer service skills neccessary to build Hyundai as a Luxury brand over the long term.

It makes perfect sense since Hyundai's company H logo is actually 2 people-customer and company holding hands.

AccentPlanetDotOrg said...

By the wa thirty-nine, I think we will get ix25 as an Accent Crossover. The are many requests for that in the US.

ix25 will be based off the ix-metro concept, and dont worry that grille wont go on the production model.

Accent will be more on par with MINI and Polo, equal to the Polo and almost equal to MINI. Dont be shocked, that Sonata is equal to and is many ways better than VW CC. One its cheaper, and the interior, wow!!!! Toyota price with Lexus Luxury-That's the new Hyundai.

Rio will be like Fit, Yaris, Fiesta, etc.... Rio will sold in China, US, Korea, Australia, Canada Mexico, only... Next gen Picanto will replace Rio in Europe.