Thursday, February 11, 2010

Impress your friend, amaze your disfunctional family: A few tweaks to Subcompact Culture

Just an FYI, I've made a few tweaks to Subcompact Culture.

You'll notice the addition of the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, which will allow quick access to Subcompact Culture's Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Plus you can search, subscribe to a feed, order takeout, etc.

EDIT: A number of you said the toolbar that was at the bottom was annoying, so it is no longer here.

Additionally, under each post, I've made it a lot easier for you to share any of Subcompact Culture's posts on the various other sites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, Google, etc.).

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

- Andy


michael said...

the toolbar is annoying

Andy Lilienthal said...

'Nuff said. It will go away.