Thursday, November 19, 2009

VIDEO: Kia releases second special-edition Soul

Kia Soul Special Edition 2 - Subcompact Culture
Kia has released its second special-edition Soul. Apparently called "Special Edition #2," this Soul wears unique "Ignition Orange" paint, black wheels with machined accents, an alloy fuel door, spoiler, body kit, moon roof, black racing stripes, and several other accouterments.

Ron Tonkin Kia in Portland, OR has uploaded some photos of this vehicle to its Flikr page. In addition, they've uploaded the video below to their YouTube site.

According to Kia's Web site, MSRP is $18,550. FYI, the first special-edition Soul was the blue-colored "Denim."

Ron Tonkin Flikr photos
Kia Motors America

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Anonymous said...

Awesome little car, and exactly what I planned on buying last spring.......but they didn't offer Orange in America...which I really wanted. And, at the time, they didn't offer mood-lights and the nice machined rims. Now they bring Orange? Well, it's very cool looking, and I can't imagine why they wouldn't sell really well. They have a cheeky-cute look, they have great utility, are fun to drive, and there's that warranty.
If you are shopping this year, you would be crazy not to check em out. The Soul is loaded with features....convenience and safety.