Friday, November 27, 2009

USDM Ford Fiesta photos leaked?

It appears that Ford Canada mistakenly published the 2011 Ford Fiesta's color options on its Web site for all to view. Although not live for terribly long, it was long enough for people to grab photos.

You can see that it looks pretty similar to the European-spec Fiestas—a good thing. One major exception are the chrome fog light/air ducts in the front bumper. I like the hatchback's grille treatment; the sedan wears the Ford three-bar chrome grille.

Overall, I can't complain. Although I prefer the small European fog lights, the chrome North American-spec units don't look bad, especially on lighter-colored vehicles.

Ford Canada
Ford U.S.


nlpnt said...

Not bad. The foglight/fake scoops can be easily painted over.

nlpnt said...

Just thought of this-- maybe they'll be black or body-colored on base model non-foglight cars.