Monday, November 9, 2009

SEMA: Super shift knobs by CON2R

CON2R Torqued Wrench shift knob - Subcompact Culture

Who doesn't like a cool shift knob? While at the SEMA Show, I ran across an Oregon company—CON2R (pronounced "contour")—that makes incredible looking shift knobs. Take for example the above "Torqued Wrench" model. It's made from chrome-plated brass, is extremely solid, and feels good in the hand. Form and function.

Perhaps even more amazing is the "Black Widow" shift knob below. Yes, that's a spider inside the knob. Also made from chrome-plated bronze, it looks very delicate, yet it is very sturdy.

CON2R Black Widow shift knob - Subcompact Culture
MSRP for these super shift knobs is $119.95 for the Torqued Wrench and $139.95 for the Black Widow.

CON2R makes a few other awesome shift knobs, a line of made-to-order custom steering wheels for hot rods, custom badges and more. Check 'em out.


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