Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Automobile magazine names 2010 Nissan Cube 'Design of the Year'

The people at Automobile magazine have given the 2010 Nissan Cube its "Design of the Year" award.

Although they admit the Cube isn't a beauty, isn't elegant, and not particularly original, they do say it has charm, and that it all just works.

I'd have to agree, too. In my review of the 2009 Nissan Cube SL, I said the Cube had a "funky, techie, avant-garde sort of personality." This car is, indeed, loaded with personality, and it does not look much like anything else on the road. I do suspect there will be a fair amount of controversy surrounding this choice, though.

2010 Nissan Cube - 2010 Design of the year (Automobile magazine)

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Anonymous said...

From Car and Driver: I asked the Cube's chief designer, Yoshi Akiyama, 42, what cars influenced him as he sat at the drawing table. "No cars," he replied. "I'm not so much a car guy. I was looking at refrigerators from the '50s. I liked how the edges were rounded." Akiyama once styled an excavator for Caterpillar.