Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suzuki SX4 auxiliary cable

Suzuki SX4 Auxiliary Cable
Our base model AWD Suzuki SX4 did not come with an auxiliary jack for an MP3 player, and the dealer wanted $125 for the iPod interface. However, as luck has it, I stumbled upon a cheap, incredibly easy solution.

A while back, a Canadian member of made some auxiliary/MP3 cables for use with the Suzuki head units. They simply plugged into the back, and had a 3.5mm male end that plugged right into an MP3 player. I was able to pick one up second hand for $20 from's classifieds section. Cheap, easy, and totally worthwhile install!

FYI, you can make your own, too. There are several threads on the forum to show you how.


Anonymous said...

Good tip, I'm surprised the SX4 didn't come with one though.

Andy Lilienthal said...

I think it's probably just the base models that don't have it.